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Stockell Homes is a proud builder for Essentially Modern Homes.

House Design Plans and Construction for a Lindal Cedar Home,
Within Your Budget, Built to Last a Lifetime.

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At Lindal Cedar Homes, our approach to contemporary homes includes clean lines and lower-pitched roof profiles. Our modern home designs make a strong architectural statement with flexible and highly functional interior spaces.

We offer modern prefab homes with the flexible, efficient and predictable Lindal Elements system, we help you create a home you love. We work within your budget. And our homes are built to last a lifetime.

Explore our floor plans and home design concepts from world-wide architects including OM Studio and Frank Lloyd Wright inspired designs.

“I built my first Lindal Cedar Home in Cedar Hill Missouri in 1985. It was a wonderful and memorable experience. I was impressed with the Lindal system and components then, and I am even more impressed today. Lindal has continued to evolve over time, implementing the best of modern building science and sustainable materials. Over the last decade Lindal has teamed with some of the world’s best Architects to create many inspiring and beautiful award-winning designs, and they continue to do so. I was honored when Lindal Cedar Homes approached me to be an independent dealer.”

~Don Stockell, Essentially Modern Custom Homes in Missouri

Essentially Modern refers to the elements of modern homes in terms of warm modern architecture and todays best building science practices.  Together these elements create efficient, simple, healthy, and inviting homes in which to raise families, entertain and plan for aging in place.  The architecture of modern inspires each person differently.

From today’s Modern Farmhouse  

Midcentury Modern Homes in Missouri 

To the influences of Frank Lloyd Wright


Essentially Modern Homes works directly with Lindal clients in Missouri and surrounding areas to assist them in creating homes that inspire – Homes that reflect their lifestyle and blend into the natural environment.

Today’s building science is integral to the design of each home we help create.  These essential elements are moisture management, air sealing, insulation, efficient heating and cooling systems, low VOC building products and whole house air exchangers and filters for healthier indoor air quality over traditional homes.  These elements insure long lasting, energy efficient and healthy homes.

Our mission is to use a simple and predictable process creating personalized homes our clients will love, that are within their budget and built by professionals to last a lifetime.

Essentially Modern Homes brings many years of experience to work for you.

As an independent representative of Lindal Cedar Homes, we are well positioned to oversee all the services we offer our clients. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Work with our clients and the Lindal design team to create a home design that our clients love and can afford. We provide preliminary estimates of cost during each iteration of the design.
  • Work with all team members to meet our clients budget goals.
  • Establish energy saving and energy producing goals.
  • Site assessment – is the lot suitable and conducive to the design, local codes, zoning…
  • Site development – placement of the home on the lot to capture the best of the natural surroundings and views, maximize/minimize solar gain and energy goals, establish a grading plan, locate utilities, define driveway, sidewalks, hardscapes, and landscapes.
  •  Assist with the builder selection process, bank referrals, and building permits.
  • HVAC calculations – comparing different systems and annual operating costs for each.
  • Green building certification at client’s option. We are an Energy Star partner. We are a NAHB Certified Green Professionals and LEED APs.
  • Interior and exterior finishes and color selections using one of our talented local designers.
  •  Assist in the inventory of delivered Lindal materials and shipment logistics.
  • Construction visits if necessary, and always available for technical support via phone email or Zoom.
  • Your concierge for Lindal customer service. We are always working on behalf of our clients.

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