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Design-Build is, without a doubt, the best approach to new home construction. It is a collaborative approach bringing together you (the client), your builder and your design team at the very beginning; before an architect has begun drawing and sometimes even before you’ve chosen the land on which to build. It is an approach that first explores your desires, your needs and your budget. It holds everyone accountable for meeting your design objectives and doing so within the budget you have set.

General Contracting

General Contractors (Builders) are usually contacted by you, the client, after your architect has completed the design for your custom home.

Project Management

Project Management or as some say, Construction Management, is a relationship between the Owner and the Management Company that gives the Owner more control over where materials are sourced and which subcontractors will be invited to bid.

Do it Yourself Tool Kit and Consulting

Do it Yourself general contracting is for those who have good communication skills, are willing to work, and, if you are handy, some of the work can be self-performed. Finally, it requires a lot of time.

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