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St. Louis Remodeling Case Study

St. Louis Remodeling Case Study

St. Louis Remodeling Client Beckerle Family, Eureka, St. Louis Co., MO Key Benefits Quality and excellence, with attention to detail, quality materials & decades of experience in St. Louis Responsive communication, including updates at the start of every workday...

How to Hire the Right Builder and Remodeler

For most people, a home is the single largest investment they’ll ever make. That's why it's so important to hire the right builder to create your custom home or the right remodeler to beautify and renovate your existing one. The National Association of Home Builders...

Free Custom Home Ideas, Home Remodeling & Design to Improve Your Home

Free Custom Home Ideas, Home Remodeling & Design to Improve Your Home

Looking for some home building, remodeling and design ideas? Did we mention: Free! That's right: Free custom home ideas... Check out It's fast becoming a top resource online for people who want to build a new home or remodel. It's chock full of...

What is an Energy Star Home?

What does it mean to have a high performance, energy-efficient home? No matter the style or size of your home, you’ll benefit from the latest energy and money-saving green building techniques. Don Stockell is a Certified Green Professional with the National...

Top 4 Custom Home Building Trends

What are the top reasons people build a custom home? The National Home Builders Association (NAHB) outlines a few key custom home building trends: 1. Building a custom home helps the environment Green Building—Concern for the environment is growing in American...

Checklist for a Safe, Accessible Bathroom Design

Checklist for a Safe, Accessible Bathroom Design

Improve Your Home's Value and Safety with Accessible Bathroom Design & Construction Whether building a new home or remodeling, accessibility is an important factor to consider. Not only does it give those with disabilities and older Americans a more independent...

7 Advantages of Building Green

Some of the biggest advantages of building green add to your quality of life with a more comfortable, healthy home. 1. Improve the indoor air quality and comfort of your home The indoor air quality, including humidity control, is a key focus of green homes Green homes...

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