Projects in Development

It’s difficult to truly know what goes into our homes if you only see the finished product. It can help to see multiple stages of development progress, all of which are crucial in the process of completing your dream home. Take a look at some of our current projects that are still in these phases, as well as some renderings of what these projects will look like when finished!

Current Projects Gallery

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Town & Country: Demolition

Before we can build a new custom home on this lot, we have to tear down the existing structures. This will free up space for excavation, grading, and new home construction.

Town & Country: Garden Shed

The existing garden shed will be stripped and cleaned, and needs most of the framing materials replaced or added.

Town & Country: Barn

The barn, much like the shed, requires a major overhaul. It will have much of the existing materials replaced and will receive some new additions and a fresh paint job.

Town & Country: Finished Rendering

This 3D render shows what the completed house will look like once completed. It will be nearly 8,000sqf, excluding the 2,000sqf lower level.