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Project Management or as some say, Construction Management, is a relationship between the Owner and the Management Company that gives the Owner more control over where materials are sourced and which subcontractors will be invited to bid.

Under this arrangement the Project Management Company is a paid consultant during the preconstruction phase and then works as a paid manager of the actual construction phase. Fees for preconstruction consultation are usually hourly, while the fees for construction are usually a percentage of total construction costs. The owner pays the material vendors and the subcontractors directly. Contracts are between the Owner, the vendors and the subcontractors. There is another contract between the owner and the Management company.

The Management company is responsible for construction schedules, ordering materials on time, inspecting subcontractors work and maintaining a clean and safe work environment. The overall fees charged for project management are less than design build or general contracting, because the companies risk is limited, and the administrative costs are less.

This arrangement is for an Owner who has time to devote to the whole building process and would like to have more control of the process from design, to bidding/estimating, to pre-construction/selections, to budget development and construction.

Stockell Custom Homes offers exceptional Project Management services, working side by side with you, the owner, to bring your dream home to completion.

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations, make the whole process enjoyable, and provide excellence in everything we do. We would love to meet with you and discuss the benefits of Project Management. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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