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Custom Built Homes in Clarkson Valley, MO

Clarkson Valley is known for being a prime area for real estate. Its suburban living lifestyle and valleys make it an ideal place to build a home. With one-acre minimum residential lot sizes and ease of access to a great school district, Clarkson Valley offers a rural setting with the shopping convenience of downtown living.

Clarkson Valley Homes

Recently, we completed a renovation project where we updated the kitchen and the surrounding rooms of a beautiful home to a more classic and traditional white kitchen. The end results illuminated the kitchen with brand new light fixtures, quartz countertops, and top of the line appliances. A truly magical kitchen remodel. 

custom deck (2/3)
custom deck (1/3)

We are a custom home builder that builds for the individual needs of every family. This means having the ability to design the layout, materials, and having access to energy-efficient options. With Stockell Custom Homes, you get unlimited possibilities and resources for designing and building your new home. We’ve been building custom homes in Clarkson Valley, Missouri for over three decades. From the initial design to construction, we work with you provide updates with a project management system that ensures everyone is one the same page.

The Clarkson Valley Community

Clarkson Valley is one of the most popular places in St. Louis County for new real estate. It offers affluent living that pairs secluded country living with the conveniences of city shopping. Located near Chesterfield and just 30 minutes away from downtown St. Louis, Clarkson Valley is a beautiful place to build with tons of land.

Its community is known for having a high rate of involvement and support for its school district, which provides several options for schooling including Crestview and Marquette.

School District: Rockwood School District

Elementary School: Eureka Elementary

Middle School: Crestview Middle School

High School: Marquette High

To learn more about Clarkson Valley, visit their official website.

Build A Home in Clarkson Valley, Missouri

When building with Stockell Custom Homes, you get the best craftsman, materials, and interior design for your project. It’s our commitment to build it better than anyone else.

Stockell Custom Homes & Construction

For questions, or to get started with building a custom home, give us a call to schedule a design and build meeting

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Upon scheduling an appointment, we’ll meet to discuss your dream home, and gauge whether we’re the right custom home builder for the project.