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They say that you don’t want to watch them make the sausage. Well, one thing sausage making and remodeling have in common is that they’re both dirty business.

To get from the organized chaos that is a construction site to a beautiful finished product takes a fine touch and a keen eye for dust control. When we’re working in your basement, we don’t want all of the dust to get into the rest of the house.

At Stockell, we pride ourselves on keeping the jobsite and the surrounding spaces clean. When we’re working in your house we keep the job and the living spaces separated from each other with plastic barriers. But, that’s not enough to protect your family from our dusty, little world.

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We Use “Negative Air”

What does that mean? Well, after erecting the plastic barrier, we put a fan in a window or doorway, faced to blow out. That is one of two openings into the work space. The other is a fresh air intake somewhere opposite the fan.

When the fan is turned on, it creates negative air pressure, a vacuum if you like, in the work space.

This forces clean air into the space through the controlled inlet and takes the dusty air and all that it contains out the window and away from your family.

It’s a small thing but it’s very important.

It’s that attention to detail that not only allows us to keep you away from all of our dust, but also allows us to do the traditional and very persnickety paneled wainscotting you see in these pictures.

Doing this sort of traditional trim work requires tight cuts (and lots of them) and very precise craftsmanship, something that is lacking in much of the work we see from others today.

At Stockell we bring modern technology and Old World craftsmanship to every job we do.

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Don Stockell has more than 30 years of building and general contractor experience. He is the founder of Stockell Homes, a firm that builds custom homes in St. Louis, Missouri area, as well as new construction, green homes, high performance homes, additions and renovations.