Home Size: 7,629 square feet of conditioned (heated and cooled) space.

The average electric bill in Missouri is .07 cents per square foot.
Electricity prices per square foot (ft²) | CallMePower

The average 7,629sf home using .07cents/sf of electricity per month, would be $534/mo.  That is $6,408 per year. Based on the HERS Energy Cost and Features analysis, the case study home will be using $30/mo or $360 per year. That is a savings of $6,048 per year.  Over the life of a 30-year mortgage that is a whopping savings of $181,440.

What does the owner have to say about his new ZERH?

Does it cost more to build a ZERH?

  Yes. But not near as much as you will save over time.