Bringing the Barn Door Inside

Whether building a new custom home, remodeling an existing home, or just making a few updates, one design trend we are excited about is sliding barn door style hardware. This look comes in contemporary, industrial, and rustic designs, and can fit beautifully into any kind of decor scheme.

But, are there any real advantages to a sliding door? Yes! Two of the greatest reasons to jump on this trend are for accessibility and saving floor space. A sliding door makes it easier for persons using assistive devices to navigate a space. The sliding door allows them to move straight through an entry. This means no more maneuvering around a classic hinged door, which can be challenging in a tight space like a bathroom. The second reason to consider sliding door hardware is to save valuable floor space in your home. Without the need to allow for the swing space of a traditional hinged door,  you are able to utilize more of your own home.  As a bonus, the clean lines and look of sliding door hardware can give any space a warm but polished feel.

At Stockell Custom Homes, we have been fortunate enough to use the sliding door trend in two projects this summer. We were thrilled to be able to  give two different clients a unique look without sacrificing their own personal style preferences.

What are your thoughts on the sliding barn door trend? Do you think it’s here to stay? We believe it will stand the test of time. The sliding door comes in a vast array of hardware colors and styles and also an abundance of door styles. Besides that, these doors are functional and save space! So, if you’re looking for a fresh way to update your living space, we think that a sliding barn door is the way to go!